Yeast Infection No More Reviewed

Written by: Leesa Bailey

Yeast Infection No More Reviewed

You can research the subject of yeast infections until you are blue in the face, but you won’t find a more fact-filled, engrossing and actionable resource than Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More™ ( YINM ) e-Book. Ms Allen, like many others, had suffered from a severe case of yeast infection, which motivated her to find her own solutions to her unique problems with Candida. Having suffered myself from an admittedly mild case of yeast infection myself, I can sympathize with her. The outcome of Ms. Allen’s efforts is a product called yeast infection no more. 

Yeast Infection No More

Yeast Infection No More

Ms Allen tried both over the counter and conventional medicine, among other remedies. They did not offer her any relief. Yet, she always believed there was a root cause for her yeast infection. Her mission was to find this hidden cause and thereby obtain a permanent cure for her yeast infection. Ms Allen spent 7 years researching cures for yeast infection, in the process trying practically every known remedy. She pieced together information from naturopaths, alternative practitioners, and nutritionists. This e-Book is the compilation of this research and the outcome of her search for an effective end to her suffering from yeast infection. It is a creation based on Ms. Allen’s graduation from yeast infection’s “School of Hard Knocks”.

Candida albicans on agar

Candida albicans on agar. By User:Valugi (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

An Internet search for yeast infection symptoms and yeast infection treatments can lead to a bewildering amount of both scholarly articles and centuries-old folk remedies. It’s almost too much information to comprehend. Yet, where can an effective remedy be found? Where does one turn for quick relief of their sometimes painful yeast infection symptoms? Does one take a purely rational scientific approach, and rely on the latest evidence-based treatments, or use an herbal approach, or employ a homeopathic approach, or a combination?

Here is where Ms Allen’s e-Book proves its value. After stating the known facts in succinct fashion, she reveals how to effectively resolve one’s Candida yeast Infection. This is the intriguing aspect of her program – briefly state the known facts, make sure the reader truly suffers from Candida-based yeast infection, and lastly implement increasingly effective cures. Here is the reason why YINM is so popular: Starting with Chapter 4, one can obtain immediate relief within a day from a yeast infection, using her proven treatment. Then, a very comprehensive system to holistically treat yeast infection is provided in Chapter 6. The outcome is a permanent cure for yeast infection. In the accompanying figure from Ms. Allen’s system, she reveals the major principles involved:

Based on these principles, one can pursue any one of several levels of treatment – either a 12-hour quick treatment for mild cases of yeast infection, or an 8-10 week treatment using holistic, proven methods.

Those who insist on treating their yeast infection with the standard, clinically-based medical approach will find a 6-page discussion of this approach in Chapter 2. For these people, better to see a trusted physician, and NOT waste any time or money on this program from Ms Allen.

However, for those enamored of an herbal-based therapy, this set of home remedies is also given an adequate treatment as well.

The e-Book – What You Get

The e-Book is 289 pages in length, and is jam-packed with useful information. And yet, it is not a dry, hard-to-read encyclopedia of information on yeast infections. Linda Allen has a simple mission – get rid of your yeast infection. Here, you have a very readable, honest introduction to the field of Candida yeast infections.

Chapter 1 introduces the YINM book, in 15 pages. It explains the concept of holistic treatment of yeast infection, on p. 14.

In Chapter 2, Ms Allen summarizes current understanding of Yeast Infection.

First, let’s make sure you have Candida yeast syndrome, by performing an accurate diagnosis (Chapter 3). Compare your symptoms with known cases of yeast infection.

Then, what can be done to rid yourself of your yeast infection? Ms Allen does this in a 3-fold way:

  • First, an initial 12-hour relief plan (Chapter 4)
  • Then, a more comprehensive quick results mini-program (Chapter 5)
  • Lastly, a holistic approach to treating your yeast infection (Chapter 6)

In all, the e-Book consists of 6 information-filled chapters, followed by 5 Appendices, a truly prodigious amount of information provided in this one resource. In what follows, I give a brief synopsis of the points raised in the individual chapters.


Yeast Infection No More

In Chapter 2, the causes of yeast infections are explained. Many possibilities, including use of antibiotics, a poor diet, or a degraded immune system can account for the origin of yeast infections. The program proposes a solution to the yeast infection “imbalance” by restoring the prior healthy non-existent yeast infection environment.

Here, Ms Allen’s experience taking Diflucan™, Nizoral™, Gynazol™, and Monistat™ all led to the same outcome: short-term relief, but no permanent cure. Conventional medicine had failed to cure her yeast infection. She resorted in desperation to nutritional changes, the ThreeLac® treatment, and colloidal silver.

Gradually, it dawned on her that there is no magic bullet for her yeast infection. At best, traditional medical approaches could only offer her temporary relief. The conclusion: a holistic approach is the only way to obtain a permanent cure for yeast infection.

Root Causes of Yeast Infections

Some root causes of yeast infections are summarized in Chapter 2. These are:

  • Poor Diet/Poor Digestion
  • Improper acid/alkaline balance in the body
  • Loss of good pro-biotic bacteria in the gut
  • Accumulation of toxins in digestive system
  • Degraded immune system
  • Stress
  • Tight clothes or synthetic fabrics

By allowing any one or a combination of the above causative factors to occur, yeast infection can arise from the resulting internal imbalance.

Yeast Infection Symptoms

Chapter 3 Gets into Yeast Infection Symptoms. How do you know you have a yeast infection? Are you a candidate for any of the measures given later?

Several risk groups are defined, and conditions leading to inclusion in each group are listed. The reader is left to examine their own lifestyle, and possibly understand the elevated risk involved in their life choices.

A detailed catalog of the standard clinical diagnostic criteria is presented. All the various clinical tests are presented. A useful questionnaire is provided. Answer all questions, and you can create an individualized score which affords a differential diagnosis to the question of yeast infection.

Candida albicans germ tubes

Candida albicans germ tubes. By Y tambe (Y tambe’s file) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By now, you know you have the symptoms of yeast infection. How can I get immediate relief? The answer is the 12-hour treatment, given in Chapter 4. The reader is led step-by-step, hour-by-hour using this unique quick relief treatment. Using readily available natural products, a simple application externally will eliminate the immediate symptoms. Items such as raw garlic, apple cider vinegar, etc. are utilized. Several all natural herbal washes are revealed as well.

Additionally, external treatments for oral yeast infection and nail yeast infection are explained. Lastly, the program provides explicit instructions on how to prepare and use a castor oil pack, for external treatment.

Chapter 5 introduces the mini-program. Intended for busy people who want a practical, easy to use program, this is the solution. It lasts for around 10 weeks, and requires following several protocols including:

  • Dietary Guidelines & Enhancing Digestion
  • Immune System Enhancement
  • Detoxing, Parasite Cleansing & Liver Cleansing
  • Anti-Candida Protocols
  • Replenishing Friendly Bacteria
  • Stress Control, Sleep Optimization & Exercise
  • Hygiene, Clothing & Sex Precautions

By following these protocols, a definite step can be made towards finally eliminating one’s yeast infection problem.

Three sections comprise Chapter 6, the complete holistic program.

These sections are:

  • 5-Step Holistic System
  • protocols needing to be completed throughout the program
  • maintenance and prevention

The entirety of Chapter 6 is over 200 pages of information, insight, advice. For example:

  • stay away from dairy products
  • avoid white sugar
  • avoid white flour and white rice
  • avoid hydrogenated oils

The information provided in Chapter 6 is just staggering. No amount of condensation here would do this chapter justice.

Who Wrote Yeast Infection No More?

Linda Allen

Linda Allen – author of Yeast Infection No More

Linda Allen is the author of Yeast Infection No More™. This is no academic exercise for Ms Allen. She suffered for years from a series of yeast infections, never able to fully rid herself of her chronic yeast infection. Prescription drugs, over the counter creams and medications were all tried – none provided any permanent relief from her symptoms.

She then went the extra mile. She did the requisite research and found out how to treat herself with a comprehensive holistic approach to treating yeast infection. She ultimately obtained total freedom from her yeast infection problem.

The insight obtained from reading her e-Book is that a set of easy-to-follow methods, if followed per instructions, will permanently banish any further yeast infections.