Male And Female Yeast Infections – Everything You Wanted To Know

Yeast infections are not comfortable to live with, and for many people not comfortable to talk about. More than 75% of all women have had a yeast infection at some point in their life, but 2 out 3 women purchase creams for this problem without actually having a yeast infection. Though uncommon, men can also develop a yeast infection, but may mistake it for an STD. This is why you should always call your doctor if male and female yeast infections worsen or do not improve with over the counter treatment.  This is done to ensure you have a true yeast infection and not a urinary tract infection (UTI) that can lead to kidney infection, if left untreated.

male and female yeast infections

Rachel Fuller Brown. In 1950, microbiologist Elizabeth Lee Hazen (1888-1975) and chemist Rachel Brown (1898-1980), Division of Laboratories and Research, New York State Department of Health, Albany, developed an effective antifungal agent (nystatin) for yeast infections. By Smithsonian Institution [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

Classic Yeast Infection Symptoms in Women

There are several classic signs of a yeast infection although they can be easily confused for other issues like bacterial vaginosis or UTI. However, itching and redness of the vulva can be a tell tale sign to help you differentiate between other problems. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you may have a yeast infection that requires treatment. This is normally done at home with over the counter medications like creams or little tablets that melt inside the vaginal opening.

· Vaginal Itching

· Pain in vagina – may take the form of burning when urinating or during sex

· Vaginal discharge

· Inflammation of the vulva

· Inflammation of the vagina

· Redness

yeast infection no more

Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

It is not as common for men to develop a yeast infection, but it can and does happen. Intercourse with a woman who has an active yeast infection is one way of getting a yeast infection, although it can occur completely on its own. The symptoms will go away over time even if left untreated. However, you will get faster relief from an over the counter cream applied to the affected area. The same cream used for women will work for you as well. If you notice any of the following symptoms you may have a male yeast infection:

· Small white spots on penis

· Redness

· Dry rash that may peel

· Itching or irritation

· Burning

Here are some tips on how to recognize male yeast infection symptoms.

When You Should Call Your Doctor

If you have tried over the counter remedies and they have failed to treat the problem, it may be time to call your doctor. If you experience frequent urination, urgency, abdominal or flank pain, fever or severe burning pain that is not relieved by continued use of an anti-fungal cream, then you may have a urinary tract infection such as a bladder or kidney infection. If you have pain in the flank area, you should visit your doctor the same day to ensure that you are not setting up a kidney infection which can be even more severe in men. If you have trouble providing urine samples in public restrooms like a doctor’s office, small sterile cups can be purchased at some specialty pharmacies. Simply clean the tip of the penis thoroughly with castile soap, and catch urine midstream to avoid contamination.