A Male Perspective on “Yeast Infection No More”

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Are you looking for a permanent and natural solution to your yeast infection or Candida problem? In the video below, Andrew has some good news for you. He reviews a product called “Yeast Infection No More.” Andrew is a chiropractor and … Continue reading

How to Do a ‘Candida Cleanse’

Some alternative and complementary medicine practitioners blame certain health symptoms such as poor memory, headaches, and fatigue on the intestinal growth of Candida albicans, a fungus-like organism. To cure this condition, they recommend a ‘Candida cleanse‘ diet. This diet does … Continue reading

Candida Spit Test

Candida Spit Test Defined According to a recent survey, up to 85% of Americans may have Candidiasis, so how do you determine whether you’re one of them or not?  The most common and easy method of detection of a yeast … Continue reading

A Success Story with Yeast Infection No More

This is Christine’s success story with Yeast Infection No More. Christine has had a long battle with chronic yeast infection. About two years ago, she was diagnosed with a severe case of Candida yeast infection, which she found horrible. The … Continue reading

An Enthusiastic Review of ‘Yeast Infection No More’ from Petra

In an enthusiastic review of Yeast Infection No More, Petra relates her experience; it has helped over a million people in their efforts to get rid of Candida fast (and permanently). Petra suffered from Candida infection from her late teens to early … Continue reading