Yeast Infection Symptoms Examined

Prevalence of Yeast Infections Candidiasis is the medical term for vaginal yeast infections. This is a condition which females commonly experience. Unfortunately, Candidiasis occurs in men as well. The fungus Candida is responsible for causing yeast infection symptoms and is … Continue reading

Yeast Infections and Natural Remedies

Natural remedies for yeast infection Nearly all women are acquainted with yeast infections. Much experience treating Candidiasis has led to a sizable body of knowledge about natural remedies for yeast infection.  It has a fairly common incidence. A simple yeast overgrowth can … Continue reading

Rod’s Perspective on ‘Yeast Infection No More’

Here, Rod provides a man’s point of view on yeast infection treatment. Although women make up the largest segment of yeast infection sufferers, men can become infected as well. There are many ways you can approach this problem, ranging from … Continue reading